Sport events

WROOM TEAM FERRARI 2012 and 2013

Traditional meeting of Team Ferrari Formula 1 and Ducati Motorcycle GP with the international press. For the second consecutive year Artscena participated in this great international winter event dedicated to speed, with unique and unrepeatable performances, in an extraordinary context of extreme conditions: -13º, wind chill -23º at 2014 meters of altitude, between freezing wind, snow, with lots of steam streaming out of mouths, and adrenaline to spare. A special thanks to the performers for their excellent capacity to put themselves in play outside the bounds of the possible and thanks to Nicky Hayden and Fernando Alonso for their unexpected and delicious participation.

Rolex Swan Cup

For the Rolex Crew Party and played at the Colonna Resort di Cala Granu, the guests, sailors from all over the world for this intensely competitive event, was hosted by a brand associated with prestige and exclusivity, and were entertained by a performance at the crossroads of technology and precision.


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