Road show

CheGiallo! The First Yellow Banker

CheGiallo! The exclusive theatre piece that tells the story of the surreal and fantastic investigation of a investigator researching a noted presenter mysteriously missing after entering a bank. “A unique and courageous project”, said Luca Prina; director of central marketing of at CheBanca! – a show light, ironic, and amusing.
Created by Rudy Zerbi, Andrea Pellizari, Andrea Di Marco, Carlo Negri and Andrea Carlini, recounted by Enrico Ruggeri and interpreted by an exceptiional cast: Gerry Scotti, Gene Gnocchi, Rudy Zerbi, numbers of other artists like Giuseppe Giacobazzi, Andrea Di Marco, Alessandro Politi, Katia Follesa, technological illusions by  magician Moulla and the physical theatre of the Free…
Road Show’s stop overs: Teatro Colosso, Turin, Teatro dai Verme, Milan, Teatro Manzoni, Bologna, Teatro Augusteo, Naples; Teatro Brancaccio, Rome.


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