Meeting and Convention

First European Conference on Artificial Intelligence

For the first European Conference on Artificial Intelligence designed specifically for c-level executives, could not miss the proposal of Magic and Technology by Artscena. The event is by invitation-only and brings together top business leaders with AI experts and practitioners to explore in a closed door environment the business implications of the rise of AI.


Dynamism, character, enthusiasm, and genius
Framed by the ancient Salt factory on Ibiza (a World Heritage Site) between the golden white of the island and the sound of the sea, a show in which the forms and techniques of aerial-dynamism are guided by passion.
It was decided to build two stages mounted in front of a mountain of salt, in order to awaken the senses and because emotions are the spice of life.


Style, innovation, quality.
These are the characteristics of the world’s number 1 maker of luxury private yachts who asked to for a performance to highlight stylistic excellence of a mark made in Italy, a brand joined to advanced high technology, to safety, and to high quality.


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