The Fake Wedding 2016

The Fake Wedding is a show and with a new concept for creating, promoting, and communicating exclusive events on an international scale.
The magic of places in an incredible context, allows for creating a perfect frame for an innovative way to promote a launch: a big feast in the authentic Ibizan style, with live performances. For a spectacular event, for a memorable launch, or a luxury event on a island known for fun. Artscena has selected internationally known artists, surprising the guests with performances made especially for some of the most spectacular homes on the island, surrounded by a unique ambience, with the sea, sunsets, and the island of Fomentara in the background. Glamour and style for those special moments: a new story not only to remember but to retell. A story adapted to unique and unrepeatable events, private parties, and exclusive moments.
The events were begun from the collaborations between a group of businesses joined together by the desire for quality, passion, and beauty with the final objective being perfection itself.

Gran Gala 1000 miglia

A legend with wings. An homage to the 1000 Miglia, an innovative creation joined with the memorabilia that has characterized it, legendary posters, style, courage, audience participation. A grand event, current music, acrobatics, theatre, dance, images: an emotional cyclone of a show dedicated to driving without frontiers.

Twiga Beach

A grand inaugural gala in Versilia on Twiga Beach, a place on the beach near a very luxurious spa between between Forte Marmi and Marina di Pietrasanta. At the party were many from high society and those of from show business. Some of these included Andrea Bocelli, Gerry Scotti, Andriano Panatta with his wife, Big Brother’s Mascia and Alessandro, Catherine Spaak, Undersecretary Baldini, the fashion designer Cavalli.
After the dinner, by candlelight, was a show of music and African dance designed by Artscena for Studio Festi, at midnight all those invited went to the beach to see the fireworks show.


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