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There have been various photo shoots with Vogue. In these images “Suspended Balance” photographed by Luciano Pergreffi and a glimpse of “Cristalization of Elegance”, a creative multii-emotional scene created near Campgrande for Cosmetics in Vogue Night on the occasion of its 50th anniversary as a celebrated brand.
The mystery of beauty, the eternal tension of allure and pleasure.

Vogue Night Bologna

Saturday, April 5, 2014 Italian Vogue presented the second edition of Cosmetics in Vogue Night.
For the show Artscena, in collaboration with Campogrande Concept, joined in the creation of a new creative, multi emotional presentation.
The “Cristalization of Elegance”, the mystery of beauty, the eternal tension with allure and sublime pleasure are the protagonists of this installation of Joan Crous, a Catalonian artist, presented by Artscena in conjunction with Worldwide Cosmopro 2014.
Placed in historic central Bologna for a white night, an insignia of beauty, fashion, and glamour.


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