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Since 1994 Artscena creates, organizes and produces cultural projects, corporate events, artistic urban happenings, open air and inside events, between the wings or in the streets of a festival. From small gems to spectacular installations, from stage cameos to great open air projects of every level.

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The accumulation of experience and success matures like a fine wine. This makes Artscena today, an ideal partner in excellence, with whom you can share passion, true creative expertise and organization on a global scale.

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All our proposals are made with true creative inspiration, at the highest standard, and are available in various formats according to your needs. From exclusive meetings for a small group of guests to events for hundreds or thousands of people.

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Interational artitsts

Thanks to our perfomers, selected from the world stage and with constant attention paid to the latest trends, Artscena is based on dance, acrobatics, music, light and multimedia effects to create memorable experiences, to stimulate curiosity, wonder and emotional involvement.

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Graduating in Communication at the Arts, Music, and Dance school at the University of Bologna, Anna Antini La Valle followed this up with training in dance and theatre under the direction of Yves Lebreton, Ko Murobushi, Koffi Koko, Cissé, Elsa Wolliaston, Herns Duplan, Pina Bauch’s Danztheatre’s Airaudo and Maxi Hervé.

She founded, with Gilles Coullet, Le Corps Sauvage and organized training for actors and dancers in Italy and France at the University of Paris IV and at the Sorbonne.

She assisted actor, Yves Lebreton, from ’89 to ’94, in charge of tour management in Italy and was technical director during the tours abroad in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, the the former Yugoslavia, the former Czechoslovakia, Iceland, Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, Russia, and Hungary.

In 1994 she founded Artscena, a production, promotion, and distribution agency for international companies of physical theatre both in Italy and abroad.


Significant Collaborations


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A unique phenomenon of its genre, the choreographer and founder of this one-of-a kind all-female company from the world of Butoh dance, Carlotta Ikeda, has surprised Europe with her own singular expressive intensity, suggestive power and the sensuality of the imagination, eroticism and humor filter through nudity and candor. Butoh – Dance of Darkness, was born in Japan during the 50’s in contrast both to classical and modern dance using traditional Japanese artistic forms (It’s not Kabuki), it was designed as anti-dance. The desire to yield to the deepest parts of the body, suffocated by various social strata and esthetics, evokes Lautrèmont and Sade, Artaud and Genet looking into the abyss. After having met Carlotta and being struck by the company at Bologna’s Iberoamericano Theatre Festival in 1994, Artscena took up the management of Ariadone in Italy from 1995 to 2011.



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An artistic marriage of dance and sport, the athletic Dance Theatre Company,  Kataklo, challenges the laws of gravity.  To Giuloa Staccioli, former rhythmic gymnastic champion and to Andrea Zorzi, mainstay of the national blue volleyball team, goes the credit for using enthusiastic gymnasts ready to continue their athletic prowess earned from years of performing and training in professional sports. Born as Kataklo’ – often called the Italian Momix – as an homage to the body, no longer a record breaking machine, but as an instrument designed to stimulate a new search for movement.  Artscena exclusively managed the company from 1997 to 2003.



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This historic International Catalonian company is known for its dedication to the use of large puppets and rowdy, and colorful carnival-like parades.  From the almost casual discovery of the company which came out of the streets and the public squares in the first years of the 70s, as a thrust of vitality in the haze during the final agonizing years of the Spanish fascist  regime, until Europe’s recognition of the company, which came about when the company was trusted to revitalize the celebrated Carnival of Venice.

Els Comediant, guarantees a total immersion in spaces that become transformed into enormous urban stage sets.

In a festival ambience promoted in 2008 by the Tourist Office throughout the Puglia Region with the Public Theatre of Puglia and with realization and organization of Artscena  who was responsible for the name and the international program (90 artists seen by 400,000 spectators), Els Comediant strutted through the streets of the ancient city of Bari, transforming it into a unique theatre via an unforgettable battle between devils and angels.



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True ambassadors from the culture of the black continent, they bring in their experience all the pride and dignity of their people. An authentic piece of Africa with percussion, energy, and colors overwhelming with 40 ingredients that make up the Ballet National de la Republiue of Guinea., the most prestigious company of African dance.  Exceptional reviews tell of their irrepressible vitality and about the authenticity of their prodigious cultural inheritance, an extraordinary mix of dance, songs, acrobatics, and a patrimony of rhythm,  applauded as a huge success at the Umbria Jazz Festival.

Les Ballets Africains was established in Paris in 1952 by the Guinean choreographer, Keita Fodeba, supported by many African leaders. Les Ballets Africains toured around the world with success until the independence of Guinea in 1958, when they were invited to become the national dance company. Between 1958 and today, Les Ballet Africains have visited the four corners of the world, being on tour for up to two years (25 months!) at a time. During this extraordinary marathon, they gave appeared in 165 countries, doing over 695 presentations in 750 days, traveling over 180,000 kilometers by air and train and 33,000 by road.  Les Ballets Africains were recognized by their roll as itinerant ambassadors of their culture, bringing on their journey the way of life and the aspirations of their people. The ultimate mission of the company is to promote a greater comprehension of African culture with the objective being to create favorable conditions for a healthy and fruitful cooperation with the rest of the world. Whether in Sydney, Rio, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, or Los Angeles, their performance has always received unanimous applause and invitations to return. Today, with continuing encouragement and support of the Director of National Culture in Guinea, the ensemble has finished a new production called, “Memoire du Manding”, an inimitable mix of dance, music and narration, sowed together with superb demonstrations of acrobatics, comedy, and drama.
Artscena is proud to have managed the company for different tours in Italy through the ‘90s.


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The Flying Karamazov Brothers wrote their own ticket to artistic fame in the grand comedy tradition.  The themes that they confront are at times serious and contemporary, with a touch of political humor aimed at those in charge, religion, the lot of artists trying to survive in an ultra capitalist society.  The text, by Paul Magid, has a constant referral to the classic theatre of Shakespeare or Molière and spiced with curious anecdotes about their collaborations with other famous groups like the Who or Frank Sinatra. The Flying Karamazov Brothers, an American group, (though you wouldn’t know it by their name) bring their irreverent time-out-of-joint vision and being among the great artists of their tradition, exploding boundaries and conventions. Their “Theatre of Everything” reunites passion and talent, genius and delirium.

Creators of a poetic postmodern suspension of disbelief somewhere between the Marx Brothers and Albert Einstein, they display an amazing talent, always audacious and kaleidoscopic. The objects and instruments that turn in their hands transform themselves into polyrhythmic melodies.  The stage is transformed into a place where the all the laws of the physical universe are temporarily suspended.  Unfettered and provocative, The Flying Karamazov Brothers use their many talents to demonstrate that  the chaos and capriciousness of being human has its own rhythmic beauty, perhaps even magic.

Artscena , outside of some important festivals and theatres in Italy, brought  the interdisciplinary celebrated Brothers for the first time to the International Theatre Festival in Hong Kong. Paul Magid has also created and directed shows and events exclusively for Artscena since 2005 until 2013.



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The first Tango show ever shot in stereoscopic 3D. Andrian Aragon and Erica Boaglio, are the stars and leaders of the Pasiones Company, and direct the internationally famous Argentinean tango company. Their shows have enchanted the public all over the world, fascinating the spectators in a vortex of passion, virtuosity, and sensuality.

Jealousy, competence, redemption, poverty, and luxury, love and hate, seduction, and banishment, are the themes that are the foundation of their breath-taking show, “Divino Tango”, depicting a vivacious Argentina full of hope.

The depth of stereoscopic 3D invites us to feel the breath of tango, to sense the presence of the dancers at our side, to enter into a heightening of the senses as the dance becomes more sensual all the time. Those of any color impassioned by tango and who appreciate the art of dance love this film. How can we love tango, without meditating on it?

3D Alliance: Co-production: Ethnos, Aragon-Boaglio, Production: Artscena, Asa Audiovisuals



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The ambitious objective of Incoballet de Cali, founded by Gloria Castro Martinez, is to convert ballet into the most authentic expression of culture in Columbia. Distinguishing themselves by their unusual and original repertory, the Ballet de Cali has contributed through their work to a deeper comprehension of Columbian identity, and by this, achieving international recognition. Artscena, used the opportunity of the arrival of their 30 dancers in Europe for the Lisbon Expo, to get the company known as well in Italy.



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Franco Quadri reviewed his Italian debut in the 70s at the Venice Bianale saying, “a new genius for a new theatre”. Yves Lebreton, considered as one of the greatest actors of the living gesture, has dedicated himself since 1969 to the creation of a theatre of the body or Corporeal Theatre,  founded on the physical presence of the actor.  Without a doubt “Eh?…” is his most famous and popular show. From its creation in 1973 , it has had more than 1300 performances being shown in 33 countries throughout Europe and America.

Anna Antini La Valle, his assistant from 1989 to 1995, participated in the creation of the shows “S.O.S” and “Flash” and organized Yves Lebreton’s tours in Italy doing over 100 presentations in theatres and festivals from 1989 to 1995.

For over 40 years he has never ceased touring Europe and America, continuing with great success in international theatre. Thanks to the elastic quality of his shows and his activities as a teacher, today he is considered the founding master of Corporeal Theatre.

Actually, Lebreton is dedicated principally to writing.  Not to be missed, for those who love the theatre (and not only by them) is his book Sorgenti, on the birth of Corporal Theatre by Etienne Decroux.


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Recognized as the greatest feminine interpreter of flamenco, the unforgettable partner of Antonio Gades in the film by Carlos Saura, Cristina Hoyos, has the great distinction of having made an enormous contribution to a genre that risked being pegged as a local Spanish tourist attraction, and every corner of the world is bewitched by her triumphant performances, applauding her with lengthy and warm ovations. Cristina Hoyos stretches the frontiers with her latest creations to the essence, the substance, and the profundity of an art that incarnates passion and pain, seduction and love,  and lays bare the soul of Andalusia.
Artscena managed the company from 1996 until 2000.



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Founded in 1982 by Gilles Rhode and Brigitte Burdin, the Transe Express practices participatory theatre with particular attention paid to the connection between dance and theatre, that establishes the basis for a science of the spectacular,  using courage, acrobatics, music, and fire. The shocking creations run pell-mell over the stage, the street, and non-conventional spaces. Surprising the public out of their every day lives, Transe Express puts on stage the city while dancing and playing, through their productions Maudits, Sonnants or Mobile Homme. Transe Express invented in the nineties  Heavenly Art, a type of impromptu acrobatic show  with the cityscape as it backdrop – on stage there is a huge celestial carillon. It is their originality and the talent to produce strong images perfectly adapted to their great lunacy, which has made their shows so successful. It is also an alternative to traditional fireworks displays, making it a great attraction for large popular assemblies.  After the success of Mobile Homme, the creators and the troupe have decided to pursue their study of the celestial Arts with the production of Maudits Sonnants. With Tambours, Transe Express unites tradition and provocation with drummers beating out a jolting rhythm on long drums through the streets of the city and walking the silly walk.



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La Cuadra is considered the most important Andalusian theatre company, as is testified by their 30 years of existence, with more than 3000 shows and over 2,000,000 spectators in more than 30 countries. Since its birth in 1971, La Cuadra de Sevilla has had a fundamental roll in the restitution of Adalusian culture through the truly deeply rooted history found just below the surface of each folkloric story.  Guided by Salvador Távora, the company has transformed itself, becoming a unique phenomenon in the Spanish theatre, through an elaboration of a language that brings to life the Andalusian world and describes poetic feelings through action via strong physicality and rituality.

Throughout the years, Távora has created for the Cuadra more than 15 shows that have toured throughout the world, performing more than three thousand shows to more than two million people. The distinctive trait of his theatrical language is the honesty of its sources which unites his voice with the colors, life, and art, weaving together the gestures of Mediterranean Culture.

The show brought to Italy by Artscena in 1995 is Identidades;an elastic poem and musical about two cultures, identity, and the solidarity of the people.



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La Fura del Baus is the famous Catalonian theatre company founded in Barcelona in 1979. An urban theatre group, born from the constant search for theatrical space distinct from a traditional one. The base of their work is composed of a range of scenic devices in which they include music, movement, using natural and industrial materials, applying new technologies, with a direct involvement of the public in their shows.  Starting in the 90s, the company expanded its artistic projects to include digital theatre, to realization of great events and many other events.

Loyal to its principal of creative participation, La Fura develops projects by way of the internet, like “Work in progress 97”, a show in which they simultaneously performed together from various stages in different cities, in an digital theatrical environment. Their latest is an exploration in industrial cinema, with the film Fausto 5.0. La Fura del Baus has also added to its activities a musical recording as a rock group.

In a festival ambience promoted in 2008 by the Tourist Office in the Puglia Region with the Public Theatre of Puglia and with the realization and organization of Artscena which was responsible for the name and the international program of artists (90 artists seen by 400,000 spectators), La Fura dels Baus catalyzed the urban scene of Taranto with its passionate and spectacular illusions.


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