Street Performance Art Show

The evolution of new artistic directions has blurred the usual boundaries and sacred cows of the show world. It’s a sort of return to its origins in which ever more streets, public squares, open spaces are added to an always-expanding horizon. It’s like a rush of fresh air after the mothballs have been tossed out of the closet.

Flash Mobs (a short event improvised in a crowd) are also growing. The parkour phenomenon (improvised romps made out city environments overcoming every obstacle with jumps, balance, vaulting, scaling, climbing) is expanding. A multitude of new players testify to the tendency to make “smart” the communications and the show. The breadth of proposals, always keeping centra thel physical aspect, freeing traditional disciplines to tap new life blood from street dance, hip-hop, break dance, acrobatics, and extreme sports.

Other than the street, the common denominator of this phenomenon is the ability to break the day to day with an act outside the ordinary.

street performance art shows organized by artscena

Street performance on stage


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