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The best known is Chinese shadow puppets. It’s the oldest form of theatre whereby, on a big screen through a set of precise movements and a unique use of light, figures of animals, human silhouettes, desert oasis, and city landscapes suddenly materialize.

Commonly associated with folk theatre, these dancing shadows have found a new impetus through the creative genius of Adam Battelstein, choreographer and dancer from Pilobolus Dance Theatre who decided to give new life to this ancient from of shadow theatre using the human body to the maximum of its expressive capacity. The result, a company of dancers who amaze audiences creating unbelievable figures with the simple interplay of light and shadow: a show that allows us to rediscover amazement, magic, and emotion, from the worlds of illusion and fable.

In the wake of his success, in Europe as well, came other companies who have, with equal choreographic mastery, put dancing shadows on the stage with narcotic effect.


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