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A dance born at the beginning of the last century in the United States, Sand Dancing is based on dancing on sand exploiting the infinite possibilities of sound and rhythm.

Sand Dancing was first seen during the 30s in English Music Hall thanks to a popular duo that made, following their astonishment and piqued interest of the discovery of an ancient Egyptian tomb, a hugely successful act. Their dance was built on the skilled development of dancing on a thin layer of sand spread on the stage to create, with sly foot movements, a shuffling rhythm.

Through the years this original art form was practically lost and only recently has it been revived by tap dancers, creating, through their originality and flexibility new combinations with excellent results to types of music and “abnormal” sonorities from the world of industry (the rumble of a motor, the “sound” of a printer, etc…) with the feet and sand in dialogue.  This skill’s development with other surfaces has been fascinating.

These characteristics are adaptable to various subjects and themes, making Sand Dancing a type of performance particularly suited to personalized events.

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