Laser and Led Artist

A huge spectrum of knowledge and competence both of dance and acrobatics is the use today, enhanced and enriched by applied technology, of sophisticated lighting, projection, LED, and pixels.

Engineering and technology, combined with imaginative creativity and the professionalism of every single artist, has led to laser and LED light shows with amazing results.

Set illumination, projection on building facades, on whatever form or type of surface, monuments, bodies, silks, or on performer’s costumes.

A mix of Art and Technology interpreted by dancers, acrobats, tightrope walkers, gymnasts, and augmented by creative minds, is at the service of a type of new highly participatory show. Interactive backgrounds, clothes, and projected objects materialize right in front of the audience’s eyes. Images, places, or inscriptions appear on a performer through ingenious technological know-how, and are personalized for the occasion while being easy to set up, making load-in and load-out quicker and less intrusive.

The noted connection between Art and Science has already been explored, from Leonardo da
Vinci to the experiments of Brian Eno in 2006, when he generated images and sound in a casual manner through the exploitation of algorithms. Today, more than ever, technological solutions are a powerful source of inspiration for artists and creators.

laser and led shows organized by Artscena

laser and led artists on stage


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