Japanese Taiko Drums

Journey to the world of the ancient and suggestive Japanese Taiko drums, always more appreciated in the West thanks to the drummers who, with insistent rhythm, transmit bounds of energy in displays of great esthetic value, evoking a burst of adrenaline.

Taiko drums emerged from the deep roots of their origins – about 3000 years ago – between myth and reality, when they were used for festivals and religious ceremonies. Most of them used in Japanese Traditions are generally attributable to two types: Cylindrical drums and barrel drums.

In Japanese tradition the taiko drum has a significance that goes outside their typically musical characteristics: its potent voice like thunder, its capacity of crossing the clouds and reaching the divine. Like most traditions in respect to drums from primitive origins, taiko is also a part of life, from birth to death.

Only in the last 100 years has taiko come to be noticed by the public, burting into international notoriety and it, as in the case of jazz and classical music, has taken its own journey confirming itself as an original and authentic form of international music capable of involving emotionally today’s audience through its ancient divinity.

Today, infact, new groups of drummers from a new generation have given new life to taiko drumming, impressing, through performances of great theatrical impact, and, at the same time, reinterpreting this precious art, making for a show ever more suggestive, introducing us to an awareness and appreciation within its own cultural context. From this art form and the deep roots from which it emerges we can appreciate the special relationship that the Japanese have with nature and its awe inspiring displays, like the great trees, that are the drums principal material, and imagine the traditional religious ceremonies in which the powerful voice of taiko acts as the intermediary between man and the gods.

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