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This is about music made with glass chalices. The melodies are made by sounding crystal goblets filled with an exact amount of water and set in a wooden resonance box. They produce a sound like an orchestra of flutes and violins.

It’s called a crystalphone or “glass harp” an old musical instrument that only a few truly know  how to play. That is because the art, a hidden secret, has been handed down to only a few over the course of centuries. The art of playing glass, already noted in Persia in the 9th century, arrived in Europe probably in the 15th century. Today some musicians have revived this art and are exploring the musical possibilities of glass. Its sound has shown, in addition to a special fascination, to have the power to relax, particularly excellent for reverie and  bringing you good health.

It is ideal for making toasts in which a wine is featured during the grape harvest for the launch of an excellent Italian brand for the international market.

The music played, showing the amazing expressive capacity of the glass harp, can include pieces from Bach to the Beatles or from Mozart to Morricone.

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