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It is impossible today to introduce the universe that contains technology and illusion without talking about augmented reality.

Augmented reality is the fusion of the real world with images generated by computer, is the instrument that has enriched the world of magic and makes us ask why is it, in our technological era, we still need a sense of magic and astonishment.

A characteristic extension of augmented reality is software and hardware to superimpose levels of information to 2D and 3D video and audio.  Augmented reality allows one to join information to the actual surroundings via cell phones, tablets, smart phones, VR goggles, and 360º cameras.

Thanks to augmented reality the perception of our world bursts through our five senses, which become “amplified” by virtual objects. The video camera, the webcam, or photographic camera collect the surrounding environment; software reconfigures the live video stream in real time, adding multimedia content that integrates the background and is enriched by the tracking and GPS systems.

Technologies tied to augmented reality are progressively gaining a place, showing their growing potential in the multimedia entertainment environment.  An instrument born of the military sciences, augmented reality has been recently applied in various sectors from commercial to tourist to big culinary events. Leading this is its potential to entertain, skillfully joining tricks in a new kind of show, perhaps a Magic 2.0, demonstrating to us its surprising ability to amaze, making for an authentic performance of Magic and Technology.

In summary the principal advantages of a digital magic show that the uses if augmented reality are:

  • audience participation via amazing magic
  • focusing attention on products, personalities, and or businesses during important conventions
  • entertaining,  with an outside-the-box solution for live performances during the course of events and demonstrations
  • to involve the users of a new web communications campaign

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