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The acrobatic, juggling, comic, and the equestrian arts have existed for thousands of years, but only since the 80s have the circus arts been blended with multimedia and other interdisciplinary arts. The world wide awakening to nouveau cirque via the success of Cirque du Soleil has proclaimed for some decades now the indisputable triumph of contemporary circus. A profusion of sinuous bodies, a deluge of aerial silks, contortionist in water, whirling wheels, flying singers, musicians, flying sparks, and so much more.

For Artscena, which began as a event entertainment agency and a promoter of Movement Theatre, the leap to contemporary circus happened quickly. Acrobatics, music, dance, special effects, extravagant costumes for shows designed with style and adrenaline, original choreography and talent. Multidisciplinary management takes form in proposals made to amaze. At the head of the class of nouveau cirque, a universe of airborne challenge and danger we invite you to discover our rich world of energy, courage, and poetry. Our performances are the result of collaborations over many years with the most established contemporary circus artists in the world, who continue to be applauded and appreciated by audiences across the world.

Today’s circuses, besides blending acrobatics and dance, are always searching for contacts with other disciplines and expressive methods such as video, theatre, technology, visual and digital arts. Contemporary choreographers and directors have begun to intersect their own creations with circus.

This process is now evidenced in the arts that are hybrid forms of expression that many can be defined as “Visual Theatre”.

The dominant characteristics of contemporary circus and visual theatre consist of not just concentrating on one discipline (trapeze, juggling, clowning, etc…) but, thanks to the fertile exchange with other arts, it is also a mix give it an advantage amplifying its strength and impact on audiences. From this perspective directors and choreographers are indispensable to the success of a show that puts together these various elements.

Contemporary Circus Shows organized by Artscena

Nouveau Cirque on Stage


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