Aerial Sculpture

aerial sculpture shows

Colorful installations rise and fall between floating fluttering, weightless clouds, aerial sculptures form part of a program in big urban shows, in parades night or day, events, ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, and any big projects meant for thousands of people.  Whether it’s an event in a fixed location, courtyard, cloister, city square, or a two kilometer route, the first challenge is how to catch the attention of the audience, assuring everyone a good view and a ready way to participate.

One of the most satisfying solutions is the sculpture hung from a crane to some other support. There are many types of aerial sculptures; huge blow-up structures made of light strong fabric, inflated with helium, floating in space and in some cases they can support one or two acrobats.

Created in various forms and on a great scale, aerial sculptures transform the day dazzling in the wind and light while at night they play with the moon and the stars, reshaping the urban landscape with monumental fluid shapes in movement that interact with an area’s environmental characteristics whether they be architectural, climatic, integrating  with the breeze, light or lights,  water, and weather.

aerial sculpture shows organized by artscena

aerial sculpture on stage


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