Aerial Acrobatic Entertainment

Aerial Dance explores the lightness of the human being in its attempt to escape the force of gravity, freeing the body from the constraints of the usual space-time reality.

Different than aerial dance, more free than being suspended in the air, is vertical dance using as a set, a wall, or the face of a building. The tenuous connection that this creates between dance and architecture becomes what’s interesting.
The facades of ancient palaces, contemporary architectural sky scrapers, bell towers, historical sites, towers, cranes, bridges; each location presents it own unique characteristics that an artistic piece like a vertical dance performance can take advantage of. When a choreographer enters into a relationship with great public spaces and architecture, you’re talking about urban dance.

A meeting place of various aerial acrobatic disciplines (Trapeze, Silks, and Aerial Hoops, Rope, Straps, etc…) aerial dance is founded in contemporary circus and contemporary dance.

To be more detailed, aerial dance is made up of various acrobatic disciplines.

Trapeze: Suspended at various heights, is used by one or two acrobats to perform different acrobatic positions.  Similarly, the Aerial platform allows one to vault elastically in the air.

Silks: Aerial discipline invented by Gérard Fasoli in 1996, consists of a long silk folded into two equal parts and hung from an attachment point, thanks making it possible to roll yourself up in it, contort your body, and take various acrobatic poses. As is the case with Straps, Silks offers an acrobat the possibility of making large aerial rotations plus a grace in its movements that’s like the magic of flying.

Hoop: A circular metal device with varying diameters, which is suspended at an attachment point, from which the artist performs acrobatic aerial choreography. It can also be set at different heights or attached to a motor that pulls up or lets it down, allowing the acrobat to shove off the ground while whirling at various speeds.


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