Surprise, elegance, audacity

Extraordinary structures and giant inflated creatures tower over the sky, parks, city squares. Controlled from the ground, they fly above the public’s heads as they parade them in an enriching unique journey. Admired on 5 continents, they have participated at the most important festivals, Edinburgh, Avignon, and at special events such as the Olympic Games in Barcelona, the inauguration of the Manica Tunnel, Football’s World Cup, the opening ceremony for the Paralympic Games in Sydney, the 100th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower, and at the opening for Expò Zaragoza.

Besides their repertory of parades, their ultimate creation, VOLARE gives homage to Leonardo da Vinci, and his celebrated flying machines, the fruit of his irrefutable genius, and now are airborne for the first time, framed by the sky. The show requires a hub (a city square, cloister, garden, etc..) for a show of about 20-25 minutes – repeatable during the day-, made for open air spaces (with a minimum height of 15 meters).

A proposal for artistic and cultural performance of the highest quality.