Twig Balance

Twig Balance

With thirteen palm fronds, the artist creates an oaisis of concentration and serenity, a place of balance.
Fragile moments of joy, only just created, are then destroyed by the artist himself.
A show for the theatre, cabaret, museums, convention halls, special private events and many other unusual places.


The extraordinary story of this act’s success of Balance began more than 15 years ago. The only objects on stage were dry date and coconut palm branches collected from the most beautiful beaches in world. The years flew by before it was turned into a balancing act that attracted the attention of producers and gained the success it now has worldwide.

In Australia, the United States, Japan, or in Europe, in theatre, cabaret, tents, on Broadway, in Cirque du Soleil or in museums for gala nights and selected galleries, in front of an audience made up thousands of people or for just a hundred, the Balance act thrills the crowds and media giving it the highest praise.


In February 2013 the performance was presented the Kamiwaza prize in Japan. In Japan, Kamiwasza is the title given to a master with superhuman talent.
The Kamiwaza prize has allowed for this original performance to join the world of Zen. Concentration, awareness, and conscious perception in the search of absolute reality come together in this 15-minute act.

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