The play of shadow shapes created with an artistic fusion of the human body carries us to a mysterious world of shadows and enchants us with compelling stories.

Shadow play has existed since the beginning of humanity. Already more than 2000 years ago, Plato marvelously described in his celebrated allegory of the cave, where men with their hearing and vision reduced, perceived the world in a unique way through shadows. The allegory of the cave is of one Plato’s fundamental texts in philosophy. Going back thousands of years is Chinese Shadow Theatre, created by blurred shapes behind a transparent sheet.

The play of light and shadow is used in film to augment tension and fear (in 1992, Nosferatu by FW Murnau). Also the opening titles of James Bond films as the bodies of women of all types skillfully move their positions in respect to the light source, the characters become so small they seem to walk on a hand or do gymnastics over a revolver.

The combination of all these techniques lead by a creative choreography, has carried over to modern shadow theatre forms that enchant and surprise audiences in Europe.

The mysterious play of shadows with the human body takes us to another world. The artists, movement virtuosos, change their bodies, through art, to become animals, plants, and once again, human.

Shadows reveal a cycle of images that have no beginning or end, awakening a play of associations and emotions. Enthralling music makes the magic even more adventurous.
The virtuosic play of forms enchants the audience with wonderful stories, images with great impact, that become poetic, thrilling the spectators.