Pegaso & Icaro

Pegaso & Icaro

A great show, not yet premiered, that joins the Farfadais company with the equestrian circus Gruss, set to create together a masterpiece based on the myths and dreams that are at the roots of our culture.

In the context of the prestigious frame of the Roman Amphitheatre in Orange, horses and acrobats captained by Alexis Gruss and by the company Farfadais, will mount the show with concentration, elegance, and in pure synergy. Emotional and enchanting, for more than 7,000 spectators, surrounded the ancient theatre, its stones rich in history.

There, where Roman heroes blended with Hellenic culture, two great mythological figures meet each other in an original work that happens between land and sky, the natural place for their expression. Pegasus, the indomitable horse, symbol of poetic inspiration, and Icarus, the incarnation of the human desire to fly, always higher. The best acrobats and horseman in the world, will overcome all challenges to create a new of show of great magnitude.

Alexis Gruss

“A historic dynasty, 7 generations involved in the Equestrian Arts, they have handed down this heredity of equestrian know-how since 1854.”

Active as the principal horsemen from the beginning of last century, the Gruss family managed in the 50s and 60s, the Great Circus of France in which Alexis Gruss sr, distinguished himself as a  trainer of horses. His sons Phillip and Lucien Gruss continue the tradition. In 1975, Alexis jr. (1944), Andre’s son, with the director Sylvia Monfort founded the Cirque à l’Ancienne, destined to recover the origins of the circus arts, specifically the equestrian ones, recreating past numbers. The project was also the birth of the first circus school in Western Europe. From 1984 to 1997, working with the ministry of Culture, the Cirque à l’Ancienne became the Cirque National.

The family of Alexis jr. is considered to be the world’s highest level creator of equestrian pieces. In 1994 another branch of the Gruss family began the Cirque Arlette Gruss, becoming one of the most renowned groups working between circus and tradition.


Design and acrobatics, style and adrenaline, elegance and courage, original choreography and indisputable talent are the ingredients the puts Farfadais among the most established companies of visual and acrobatic theatre (also known by the term Contemporary Circus) in the world.

Multidisciplinary and aerial tableaus take form in a spectacular magnetic flow, to restore to the night and to life a sense of thrill and dreams.

On stage since 1999 the French company gets its artistic direction from the Italian-French Hoffner brothers. The two fashion designers, Stéphane and Alexandre, also both gymnasts, decided to transform their own catwalks into shows, so uniting the lines of the costumes to the lines of bodies in space.  In the course of the years their show has evolved into becoming the central element of big events. Their shows aren’t based on a fixed repetitive repertory but are designed based on the contents and statements of a principal.

Their art is defined as multidisciplinary like the installations they created for the Bienale dArte, radicals that always come up to and surpass the challenge, the Farfadais Troupe present a world that hypnotizes the heart.
Definita multidisciplinare come le installazioni di una Biennale d’Arte, trasgressiva per la sfida che lancia ad ogni certezza, la troupe FarFadais presenta un mondo che ipnotizza il cuore.