This urban discipline was born in France at the beginning of the 90s, parkour is all about taking on a route, leaping over whatever obstacle with the most efficiency of movement possible, adapting one’s body to the surrounding environment, natural or urban, via vaults, jumps, balance, scaling, and climbing.

Parkour got its inspiration from the natural methods of Georges Hérbert, an official at a French Marina, who in the early 90s developed a unique method of education for troops, defined Hérbertism, whose motto is “Be strong in order to useful”. The first pillar of the method is that the best way to exercise people is to train with natural movements that the body innately knows, in situations that nature presents to those who ask.

The change from a training practice to parkour, is owed to David Belle, son of a fireman who trained with the Hérbert method, who during his youth experimented with routes and paths.

Parkour is both a discipline and a style of life, a mode of thinking. After beginning to practice this sport, he began to analyze everything in a whole new way. He observed that he could use whatever handhold or obstacle as a support point to pass over it in a fluid and efficient manner. This is emblematic of a life where everyday is a chance not to surrender ever to a problem but, to the contrary, to take advantage of it as the best way to get yourself to the final objective.

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