Elastic poem, acrobatic music, funambulistic , emotional sounds, and visions

Concept & direction Paul Magid

A poem of passionate gestures, desires, dreams, and hope.
And invitation to dare.
The desire of two hearts evoked by a man closed in a bubble, by live flames, by fire, by the rhythm of Argentinean bolas, by suspended dancer-acrobats, by a challenge to gravitas by a crystal sphere, by bodies scattered in the air and attached to the ground in the eternal battle to unite.
A tale of two protagonists in a story of “attraction and courage”.
A man and a woman are seated at two tables, a glass of wine in front of each and everything begins as they look into each other’s eyes. A clown and a songstress start the action. A second couple, acrobats, dressed just like the couple at the tables, play with vertigo, thrill in the real sense of the word and “dare” the other couple to incarnate their forbidden dream. The man and the woman from the beginning find each other, at this point in front of each other, eye to eye, practically touching, they undress revealing their painted bodies and finally, “they dare” to be together in an emotional acrobatic adagio.
Dreams materialize, airborne games, speaking in the language of fantasy and gesture, looking through mirrors, the colors of our hearts.
The audience is invited to let themselves go on a promised journey, the allure of the night, desire gives wings to vision.
A voyage that will be yours… if you dare.
Osare enchants and hypnotizes the audience with displays of statuesque beauty, perfect bodies, perfect skills, sculptured memories of eternal beauty.
Part of the cast was artistically born in the famous Cirque du Soleil.


An American from New York, Paul Magid is the co-creator and writer for the fabled Flying Karamazov Brothers.
Among the finest jugglers in the world, the Flying Karamazov Brothers aren’t Russian, aren’t brothers, and they don’t fly, but they do a lot of incredible things, “they tickle your mind while exciting your eyes” (Washington Post).
The Flying Karamazov Brothers have played all over the world with great success since 1973. They have shared the stage with stars of international caliber such as: Frank Sinatra, Dolly Parton, Robin Williams, the Blues Brothers, The Who, The Grateful Dead.
Paul Magid’s creations are a guarantee of skill and sophistication. His art, rich in metaphor, seems to illustrate the chaos and unpredictability of the human condition. His artistry has its own beauty, rhythm, and perhaps even magic.