The show

The extraordinary show, “Mana” – from the Aztech goddess Mana, who represents the world’s magical vital spiritual energy – is the result of 5 years of long work, the perfect fusion between spectacular acrobatic skill, symbolism, and design. The harmony of Mana’s world, the flowering of a perfect balance between the kingdoms of Fire, Land, Water, and Air is menaced by the rebellion of the Queen of Fire. The audience finds themselves literally holding their breath during a thrilling performance of 12 artists (10 acrobats and two singers) who create a new dreamlike dimension derived of courageous skill, music, song and voice, and enriched with over 100 extraordinary costumes inspired by organic sensual forms.

These are unforgettable shows. These are shows that dazzle us in the course of a night and suspend the laws of gravity. Authentic marvels for the eyes, this show by the Farfadais troupe, transports us to the fantastic world of Mana. The tableaus that follow, sirens, pirates, medusas, sea dragons, oceans, volcanoes, assault us. The good and the bad are transfigured thanks to the virtuosity of the artists. A strong point of the show, both in elegance of technique are the printed graphics that remind us of the universe of certain cartoons and video games. Tracks of original music and splendid costumes complete the esthetics of Mana.

The company

The story of Farfadais is like out of a novel. From the first they were attracted by style. The French-Italian brothers Haffner, began, at a young age, to make a line of apparel. Both gymnasts, Stéphane and Alexandre, decided to transform their catwalk into a show, so uniting the lines of the costumes to the lines of bodies in space. Naturally things evolved over the years until they started creating big events that gave them the chance to give form to their dreams and to conceive many of the numbers they present today.

Stéphane was born October 1, 1977. He trained in gymnastics at a high level from the age of 6 to 17. He also pursued a second major in style While at the Nanterre circus school (France) he developed creations of his original visual pieces and integrated them into aerial acrobatics. His specialty was flying. In 1995, in order to keep up his studies, he began working with Francesca Garrone, who he met in Berlin during the World Athletic Gymnastic performances. “Gymnastrada” – is a piece if street theatre they created and presented at Paris’ Beaubourg. Immediately noted, it rapidly moved on from the square at Pompidou Center to appearances on television and in musical comedies. In order to deal with the unexpected growth of requests, Stéphane asked his brother to join him Paris. Together they collaborated with Pierre Cardin to create costumes for the show, “Tristan and Isolde”. In 1999 they met Emiliano Simeoni, a professional classical ballet dancer under Victor Ullate, who from 2000 created for them on stage and in the air, the company’s choreography.

Alexandre was born April 6, 1976. From the age of 10 he trained at climbing, specializing in aerial techniques. In 1997 he began to sell his ready-to-go creations. The fashion shows he organized became visual performances where he put together mannequins with acrobat-dancers. Thanks to his background in floor gymnastics, he created a solo acrobatic show. His specialties are acrobatic stilt walking and the Chinese Pole. Graduating in design, he joined Stéphane in the company. He’s the creator of the machines used by Farfadais and adapts unusual materials for ingenious costume creations.

In the course of a few years, Les Farfadais has shared the stage with Sofia Loren in Venezia, Nicole Kidman in Shanghai, The Pussy Cat Girls in New York, Christina Aguilera in Osaka, Edoardo Bennato and Alex Britti in Lisbon, and Antonello Venditti in Seville, etc.


Les Farfadais have already been to the four corners of the world with their show: the USA, Japan, China, Arab Emirates, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Holland, Morocco, Tunisia, Philippines, Lebanon, Algeria, Turkey, and others.

Foto © Stefano BORGHI