Through time and space to live for a moment in Science Fiction

Théo Dari promotes a voyage to the 4th dimension with his Hero Laser. These heroes of the future challenge the laws of gravity in order to defend a new source of energy, the holy Grail, which depends on the guardians of the planet. Right in front of your eyes they parade a cascade of choreography accurate to a millimeter, engraved lasers manipulated by enthralling dexterity. An impressive piece, light years away from anything else you can see today.

Théo discovered the world of magic in Paris in 1992. An engineer and computer analyst, he is a lover of electronic and science fiction. He learned classic magic but realized that he wasn’t completely satisfied. And so was born idea to create magic effects with light. After months of work, making many prototypes, that twist, cut, and hold on to rays of light as they appear out of nowhere.

In 1998 the Laserman number was presented for the first time in a magic show.

In 2003 he won the sliver wand at Monte Carlo’s Stars of Magic and won first prize for Special Applications at the ILDA in Brussels.

His notoriety grew rapidly. In 2005 he created the Laserman Society producing and forming, through his secret laser manipulation techniques, a group of performers, bringing their show throughout the world.

In 2010, Disney California’s Adventure Park asked Théo if he could put his piece within their attraction ElecTRONica, inspired by the film TRON: Legacy.

Between many events, Laserman was part, on May 12, 2011, of the wedding of the century: 800 guests, a 72 hour party, with a private concert given by Shakira, with elephants and horses that walked through the romantic streets of Venice… Laserman is happy to have been part of this extravagant Indian wedding!

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