Japanese Taiko Drums K

Japanese Taiko Drums K

From 2004 the KSD were busy getting everyone to know Taiko in Italy through doing shows and regular Taiko Do courses. The Taiko studio, for KSD, is a place for daily discipline, acceptance of tradition, passion, and innovation.

Fascinated by the culture and study of traditional Japanese art, the members of KSD live and practice at the KSD Taiko Dojo attracted to its allure in the Ligurian Apennines.

The KSD artistic team is guided by a Sessei (Master): Kurumaya Masaki (follower of the traditional Japanese style, Mituuchi), typical of the Horkuriku region.

In Japan, Joji Hirota (composer, multi-percussionist, player of the shakuhachi, and singer), Liz Walters (Tamashii Daiko, England), Gushiken Tsukasa (Ryujin Densetsu, Okinawa), Koji

Builders of the drums played have participated in numerous festivals such as the Mediterranean Music Festival in Genoa, Darbar a MAO in Turin, Ethnos in Naples, Estate Fiesolana. in Florence and at events in Italy, and Japan.

Taiko is music to listen to and to see live: The drums are played with dynamism, and the typical rigor of Japanese Art.

The gestures and body movement make for beauty and balance built on rhythm and are integrated into the show.

The rhythm made awakens in the heart the primordial breath of life.