Giant Lights

Gigante di Luce

Events in Motion

Thanks to its transparent structure and apparent lack of identity, the giant can take on a multitude of rolls and, together with music, instills a state of positive feelings creating a very special atmosphere that enchants the audience and stays in the memory for a long time. We are proud to present both an interactive itinerant show as well as a sensational and emotional theatrical show, the giant LEDs give your events, business parties, opening ceremonies, auto launches, events at stadiums, a great dimension and, more than anything else, and gives it a special touch.

Moreover, the Gentle Light Giant can become part of a family of other giants with a marvelous baby that conquers hearts. Seven years of experience with a show of live music, smoking hot performances, sure to lend magic to your show.

Significant milestones

  • London Olympic Games 2012
  • Hong Kong New Years Parade
  • FAMAB AWARD: creative prize for live communication 2015
  • Grand Prix Formula 1 Singapore 2014
  • Spring Festival with a 100,000 flowers, Egypt 2013
  • Light Festival, Cologne, special Show Act for 500,000 persons on the Reno River
  • Peace March Cairo
  • Launch of a Volkswagon Forklift Shanghai
  • Handball Finale Stadium Cologne
  • Korean Tour, Macao, Las Vegas, Seoul, etc…

Available in a large range of various dimensions from gigantic to miniature, that can be accompanied by charming women characters illuminated in a full range of colors.

A brand can’t be directly developed based on these figures, but it’s possible to come up with special solutions relative to diverse types of branding that can be integrated into the show to create a personalized show.

The Giant – 5 meters

The different figures, capable of being adapted to different personalities, transform on spectator projection screens becoming objects like a staged mass that turns into a public universal dream. Every movement is the result a collective initiative based on the here and now.

The Family

Figures of various dimensions, strong, impressive and intuitive can be visualized, for example, a family photo with the father, mother, and son. Every figure has a very distinct character.

The Baby

This little one far exceeds its brothers in agility and goes straight to the heart of the audience. The public’s attention follows the minute figure as its brave soul enchants them, making them feel secure, protected, and ready for any adventure.

The New Giant – 2.8 meters

A new creation that adds a new level of interaction with the public. By use of an ingenious control of the head, they succeed in communicating deeply, showing actual emotion. The figures can move around on walls, throw things, and make surprising leaps, gesturing with an astounding natural way the balance between the real world and the surreal.

Walking Act and Teambuilding

On the basis of an experience made in theatre and other different situations, the idea of team building becomes clear and efficient. Only if everyone participates fully, if the group pulls together and acts in concert, can the figures really come to life.

Possible solutions

  • Gathering guests and audiences
  • Prizes for special people (especially: tickets, prizes, objects)
  • The opening of a new dance floor with spectacular choreography
  • Getting the spectators to discover a new product
  • Integrate with singers, dancers, artists, and acrobats
  • Displaying a business’s colors
  • Involvement in a giant and poetic love story
  • Inspire the family (father, mother, son)
  • Can be used as a moderator (verbal or non-verbal)
  • The sweet and emotional Baby as an assistant to the moderator
  • Action selfies with the giants for photo souvenirs
  • Viral marketing by sharing on social media photos and video