Fire Show

Fire Show

Born in France in 1990 thanks to a meeting of 12 artists, lovers of music, dance, circus and martial arts, who chose to make the relationship of the body with fire as their primary mode of expression in their artistic work.

With “Variations on a flame” the company adapts the theme of your event and creates a unique show. Flexible according to your various needs, they collaborate following the hues and colors of your project. The artists sculpt with light and fire that functions with the working space and, like chameleons, they transform while mixing genres.

A show of images, with energy, and emotion.

A radiant company for the creation of spectacular events.

Their field of work responds to a vast range of possibilities: ceremonies, inaugurations, ritual festivals, carnivals, New Year, conferences, conventions, sports events, fashion shows, private parties…

“Variations on a flame” puts on the stage the urban environment and gives value to its historical cultural patrimony: temples, theatres, gardens, unconsecrated churches, museums, historical homes, etc…

The also offer the possibility of putting and integrating on the spot other people into the show. In inside spaces the company uses ecological sustainable fuel adapted to ventilated environments and using techniques that are absolutely safe (for the entire duration of each performance of about 5 minutes). Competence and professionalism has been the company’s hallmarks in its successful career of more than two decades.

Because of its unique creativity with fire, the company has collaborated with prestigious event agencies worldwide with: Cirque du Soleil, Luc Petit, Circo da Bakusa, Namasté Europe, Stade de France Live Events, Prisme International, Artscena…