Farfadais Remix

Farfadais Remix

PoP CircuShow

Acrobatics, music, costumes, and flying divas, unmistakable signs of the company directed by acrobats-designers who premiered their “first flights” for the storied names of Pierre Cardin and Jean Paul Gaultier. Design and acrobatics, style and adrenaline, elegance and courage, choreographic originality and indisputable talent are the ingredients that mkae Les Farfadais the most celebrated company of visual and acrobatic theatre in the world.

In FARFADAIS REMIX PoP Circu Show multidisciplinary aerial pieces take shape in a way that’s fluid, spectacular, and hypnotic which restores a sense of dreamy thrill to the night. . Acrobats, in a class of their own throughout the world, they fly challenging danger and inviting us to discover their world, hoping to share it all! Like printed graphics that recall cartoons and video graphics, with musical backing tracks between pop and dance, and using original costumes complete the esthetic of the Farfadais universe. A universe that blends amazing transformations, metamorphoses, contortion, quick changes, aerial dance, bodies that braid and unknot in the void, choreography on the ground or suspended in the air (created by Emiliano Simeoni, ex-classical ballet dancer who worked under Victor Ullate).

A show with everything in motion without stop, performers, numbers that leave no place for distraction, suggestive and colorful, energetic and virtuosic. On stage for 15 years, the Farfadais company which means, (lighting that issues from the ground) was founded by Stéphane and Alexandre Haffner. Coming from a background in artistic gymnastics, the two French-Italian brothers, continue to lead their shows with an experience ripened in the fields of fashion, design, and circus. They took off from the asphalt of Paris’ legendary Beaubourg, their career quickly taking flight thanks appearances on television and in musical comedies, then continuing to travel onward with productions they made that has allowed them to tour the world, seducing audiences of every age. The United States, China, Japan, the Arab Emirates, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Holland, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, the Philippines, India, there isn’t a place in which Farfadais hasn’t amazed with its cirque nouveau, where life suddenly seems to be an extension of the imagination.

Their art is defined as multidisciplinary like the installations they created for the Bienale d’Arte, radicals whose work always surpasses the challenge, the Farfadais troupe present a world that hypnotizes the heart and mind, gambling with our emotions.

A special thanks to Marco Curatolo for the photo that bears his signature.

Farfadais Remix 1Farfadais Remix 2Les Farfadais, Mana, Show case au 140 (140 rue d'Aubervilliers 75019 - Paris) - 15 octobre 2010 - ©Dominique Guyomar - (33)6 48 70 04 93 - domguy@noos.fr - www.dominiqueguyomar.euFarfadais Remix 4Farfadais Remix 5