In Chance there’s no barrier too large to overcome when it comes to the acrobatic disciplines of this contemporary circus that flirts with video, song, and dance.

Artscena presents Farfadais’ new show

Chance, an auspicious title for a new show from the Farfadais company was debuted the 13th of July at an intriguing gig on the French coast where for the third year in a row the celebrated company presented 20 shows shown to thousands of spectators for FdJ. Huge screens, a crane on an enormous stage for a show created for the open air, adaptable for stadiums and theatres. A cornucopia of acrobatics, live singers, costumes, and flying divas are the indelible mark of this company direct from the acrobats-designers who premiered their “first flights” for the storied names of Pierre Cardin and Jean Paul Gaultier. Design and acrobatics, style and adrenaline, elegance and courage, choreographic originality and indisputable talent are the ingredients that make Les Farfadais the most celebrated company of visual and acrobatic theatre in the world. Aquatic and aerial pieces take shape in a way that’s fluid, spectacular, and hypnotic which restores a sense of dreamy thrill to the night. Acrobats, in a class of their own throughout the world, fly, challenging danger and inviting us to discover their world and asking us to become part of it… CHANCE!

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