It’s the welcome that the sailors cry out to welcome you aboard to buy merchandize. Come buy on!

And so it is on the ship that everything becomes music and rhythm.

Old boxes, bottles, sand, wind, matchboxes, one’s own body: an uncontrollable gang of Canary Islanders, the Catalan Cambuyon can make music on almost anything.

The outcome of an artists’ collaboration of tap dancers, body percussionist, hip-hoppers, drummers, singers and other disciplines specifically based in rhythm, Cambuyon guarantees supercharged energy.

A ship rich in sound and culture

It all happens on a ship that conjures up old boxes, braided ropes, and huge pulleys. For more than 100 years the ports of the Canary Islands have gathered merchants from all over the world and the British ones posted notes inviting the local merchants to: “Come Buy On”.

This show is a mix of rhythm, culture, and inspiration made up of dance, voice, and drumming that in February had a triumphant run on Broadway. It’s a way to exchange merchandize and, above all, different identities, a rich cultural patrimony made from influences from around the world. Africa, America, Ireland, and Spain, harmoniously float side by side, united by a foundation of entertainment and rhythm.