Augmented Magic

Augmented Magic

Augmented Magic is an incredible experience, at the frontier of illusions and amplified reality, between the real and the virtual. This kind of magic is closer to that of the grand illusion. But that’s not all. Other than being an illusionist, M is also an engineer at École supérieure d’informatique, électronique, automatique (ESIEA) specializing in virtual reality. The duality has let him mix the ancient art of illusion with the new technology of augmented reality.

He has been passionate about magic since he was a kid with one objective; to make it his job. At 10 years old he met a magician who revealed to him: “If he can do it, so can I. I too have the will to make dreams happen.” He started down a long artistic road and in 2007 created a show of grand illusion that made it all the way to Las Vegas.

Despite magic’s worldwide attraction, he is fascinated by new technologies that allow him to integrate the study of engineering with ideas for a new show. His shows let the quotidian slip into the dream world. Transforming reality into a dream-like escape.

A dream as a ghost, a dream as an absolutely real object. All this to open the doors of the universe in order to look for strength, poetry, the elusive, the improbable, the absurd, and the wisdom of folly.

Augmented Magic is an experience that each night transforms itself. A magician at the frontiers between the real, the virtual, in other words, one crazy engineer. They open a break in space-time to an absurd universe. Between magic and new technology, he opens a parallel world, enriched and eccentric, that takes life and transforms it under your very eyes.

It lets you slide to the other side of the mirror, where the laws of physics no longer hold sway. A new way of seeing that will marvel you and lets you leave with your heart pounding and your eyes full of stars.

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